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What Can VassBot Do The Use Cases

Samuel Mwanyasi, 2021-06-17 21:30:32

The Vass in VassBot stands for Virtual Assistant. This summarizes this article. Basically, VassBot is your reliable virtual assistant. Not only can it respond to Users queries instantly but also handle other automated services as sought by the Customers.

Below is a Summary of Use Cases that VassBot can be of importance

Customer/Leads Generation

Anyone that engages your Bot is created as a Visitor from whichever channel they are texting from (supported channels as of time of article writing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Teams, Skype, Omni-Channel for Apps and Sites Integration) enabling you to manage your leads and potential Customer in a central place.

Sales Representative

VassBot can be your always on-duty Salesperson. Explaining to potential customers Products that you company offers in place of human doing this repetitive task. It can onboard the customer and even charge an onboarding fee, if any. You will only find the fee in your account and a new Customer added while humans were asleep.


VassBot Can be used to take surveys from any channel [SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter,skype,teams] . This way you cut costs of survey undertaking.

Booking and Ticketing System.

VassBot can be deployed as a booking agent. Customers can make inquiry of availability of slots, if available the bot will confirm, and it will initiate Payment for it and auto-generate receipts to email or download link to SMS. E.g. bus booking or event booking, accomodation and reservation

Payments Receipting

Payments Checkout for Services, goods, or Utility Payments VassBot is one intelligent bot and can handle paying of utility goods or services. E.g. You could buy Airtime, Electricity Tokens, water bill and any 3rd Party Bills if its integrated.


VassBot has a way to feed domain expert knowledge and vend it out expertly. We are talking about medical triage, lawyer, Engineer, Psychiatrist any consultant role can be mimicked.

Bank Teller

VassBot can do all Bank Teller use cases. From Account inquiries such as balance Inquiry, Mini-Statement, Funds Deposit from Wallets g MPESA and Funds Transfer . Unlike a teller where you queue VassBot attends instantly. Basically, adopting Vassbot is rocketing your company to the front seats of your industry and winning everything that is there to be won from your Competitors. Engage us, let us deploy this magic and see your company skyrocket.
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